Guelph Technology Economy Conference

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The Guelph technology sector is one of the key elements to the Guelph economy, and is growing.

In addition to having a significant number of small, agile, independent businesses, many of the tech workforce in Waterloo currently commutes from Guelph. Expanding and retaining the technology cluster provides direct benefit to technology companies, as well as benefit to other businesses in Guelph.

The aims and objectives of this website are:

  • To support the technology sector in Guelph and to provide connections between technology companies and other businesses in Guelph
  • To create awareness of the significance of the Guelph technology sector and knowledge-based companies, providing value to other members of the business community at the same time promoting growth of technology businesses
  • To provide networking ties between the technology companies and other sectors
  • To provide non-partisan connections between all technology activities in Guelph
  • To facilitate connections between Conestoga College, the University of Guelph and knowledge-based companies
  • To attract new knowledge-based business to the community

Additional goals:

To identify the companies within the knowledge-based economy sector, and engage Guelph technology companies to help develop the technology sector in Guelph to help find opportunities for funding and/or investment to Guelph knowledge-based companies and technology activities To promote knowledge-based companies to more traditional businesses and encourage their working together.