Guelph Technology Economy Conference

Guelph Technology Community Links

DemoCampGuelph - DemoCampGuelph is for anyone in and around the Guelph interested in software, the web and technology!  Startup junkies, wage slaves, consultants, students, indie professionals, engineers, designers, money and marketing guys. #dcg

Coffee and Code - With Guelph’s growing Technology Sector, Guelph Coffee and Code is looking to make a strong Community amungst Developers in the Golden Triangle.  Our mission is to Connect, and Education Developers from Guelph, Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo.

Guelph Technology Cluster - The immediate goal of the cluster is to provide a network for communication in order to exchange knowledge and ideas. The long term goal is to develop physical infrastructure that provides support for both start up and existing companies.

Guelph Technology Organization - Guelph based technology business leaders share knowledge and experience, and learn what is going on in technology locally.  Participants provide a variety of topics that are relevant to the Guelph technology community on current issues & future trends.